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Dec 1st, 2020
>> Listen for any movement in the room, then if the coast is clear try to open up the vent and go in. C: "...static? Wonder where it's coming from. Might be something I can use..." You listen carefully, even closing your eyes for a moment to concentrate on listening. Movement…. You don’t hear any in the room. It's completely silent. No, not quite silent, there’s a low, almost inaudible hiss of static coming from somewhere. The vent comes open easily, it seems the screws are missing here too… Well, that means that at least one thing is going right.
Dec 1st, 2020
C: “The Black Ward? ...huh.” You slide your way to the ground, looking around the immediate area with your flashlight. A couple of hard hats… some graffiti… something like an old wire coiling out of one of the lockers.
Dec 2nd, 2020
>>Check out the wire. Might be something useful. C: "looks like my luck's turning around!" The hissing sound is too quiet for you to accurately get a sense of where it might be coming from. Instead, you follow a hunch, walking over to the far bank of lockers where you see the wire coming out of the locker. It turns out the bottom of it is absolutely stuffed with random old and frayed wires and junk electronic equipment, none of which you recognize immediately. However, sitting on the top shelf is something you very much recognize. Its a walkie-talkie, and it seems to be the source of the hissing.
Dec 3rd, 2020
>> Grab the walkie and see if you can get anyone on the other end. With luck, they can get help. Without a second thought you grab the walkie and press the button to talk to whoever might be on the other end. Hopefully they’re in the mood for some weird bullshit… You take your thumb off the send button and wait, the tension unbearable. It feels like forever.
Dec 3rd, 2020
You’re about to try again when someone answers. A soft, hesitant voice. ???: ...hello....? ...Are you.... really there?
Dec 4th, 2020
>> Answer that yes, yes you are!! Reassure the voice that you’re there, and try explaining the situation. C: “Yes! Yes, I’m here! My name’s Cal…” C: "Look, this is gonna sound crazy, but I don't exactly know where 'here' is. I think I lost some time, and I can't remember why. Over" ? ???: “BZZZT….I’m Dolores… BZZZZT hospital...I thought I was alone…” The connection on your new friend's end seems a bit staticky, but you get an answer from her as you try to explain what’s been going on.
Dec 7th, 2020
>> Ask her for more information about the hospital. And has she really seen nobody else? She really hasn’t seen anyone? You didn’t think about it before, but you didn’t hear the sound of cars on the street when you were out in the alleyway. Where is everyone? C: “You really haven’t seen anyone else at all?” D: “Sometimes I see people, but they always *BZZZZT* they won’t talk to me… *BZZZT* there are just monsters….” C: “Monsters? I saw something like that too….Where is this hospital? What can you tell me about it?” D: “I’m not sure… sometimes I see foggy streets outside. Sometimes something *BZZZT*..*BZZZT* a map on the wall. *BZZZT* Black Ward…. Maybe you can *BZZZT* *BZZT*” Shit, the connection keeps breaking up. What was that she said about a Black Ward?
Dec 9th, 2020

Dec 11th, 2020

Dec 15th, 2020