>> Try to ask before the connection fades…what **is** the black ward??

C: “What is the Black Ward? Are you close? Do you know if you’re near a factory?”

D: “Can’t hear *BZZZT*….have to *BZZT* *BZZZT* *BZZZT* coming *BZZZZZZZZ*

C: “Hello? Hello, Dolores, are you there? Can you hear me? Damn it! Sounds like she’s in trouble…”

No matter how much you call, you don’t get anything more but static.

Still, there’s someone else here, and it sounds like she’s having as rough a time as you are. She must be close, since you had her on the walkie. Even a military grade one only has a range of about 2 miles.

Time to come up with some kind of a plan. Try to get back to where you came in? Look for a window and see if you can get your bearings? Or Dolores said something about a map, maybe you could find something like that…