>> Check out the rest of this room to see if there’s anything else that might help you in this crazy place.

C: “Looks like two doors, plus the hole I crawled out of.”

You put the walkie in your pocket; maybe it’ll start working again as you get closer to Dolores? Then, you give the room a once-over glance to get a better sense of your bearings.

It seems like the room is a ‘T’ shape if you imagined it from above, with one door on the wall furthest to the right, and another door at the ‘bottom’ of the ‘T’, near the duct that you came out through.

There’s some papers and things that catch your eye, hung on the leftmost wall beside a bench. The bench is covered in the same black paint, or whatever, that the graffiti on the lockers is done in. In fact, there’s some coming under the rightmost door as well. There are more lockers, too.