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Dec 7th, 2020
>> Ask her for more information about the hospital. And has she really seen nobody else? She really hasn’t seen anyone? You didn’t think about it before, but you didn’t hear the sound of cars on the street when you were out in the alleyway. Where is everyone? C: “You really haven’t seen anyone else at all?” D: “Sometimes I see people, but they always *BZZZZT* they won’t talk to me… *BZZZT* there are just monsters….” C: “Monsters? I saw something like that too….Where is this hospital? What can you tell me about it?” D: “I’m not sure… sometimes I see foggy streets outside. Sometimes something *BZZZT*..*BZZZT* a map on the wall. *BZZZT* Black Ward…. Maybe you can *BZZZT* *BZZT*” Shit, the connection keeps breaking up. What was that she said about a Black Ward?