>> Assess the situation, soldier boy.

You take a moment to reflect on what the hell is even going on.

C: I died…or…something. This whole thing feels like a fucked up dream..or maybe a nightmare. But I’m still in Dad’s factory, right? And I’ve still got all the stuff I’ve found. So it’s as real as it gets, at least for me. This is crazy, I feel like I’m going crazy.That thing chased me all the way down the hall and it killed me. I felt myself die…but now I’m back..and I still haven’t found you, bro.”

Sully…if you were here, would you know what to do? Maybe…Maybe, but I can’t get caught up thinking about that if I’m ever gonna get out of here. Wherever here really is. Hell? Or maybe I’ve snapped under the pressure and I’m losing my grip…whatever it is, I just gotta find you and get out, even if it feels like I’ve gone to a living hell.