>> Check your map to get your bearings and figure out where to go next.

You unfold your map and look it over. As far as you can tell, you’re right in the same spot where you…. Were attacked.

There’s the door on your right that’s partially open. It’s still dark, and you can’t see inside, but you can probably squeeze through now that you have a moment to breath. The door on the right at the end of the hall looks like it leads to the same area, just farther along.

There’s a double door nearby to your left that should lead back to the hallway you were in before, the one with the bathrooms and the lobby. The problem there is when you were on the other side of the door, it seemed to be heavily chained and locked on that side.

The doors halfway down the hall to your left should lead right to the hallway, and the alleyway that you entered the factory in the first place.

The doors on the left at the far end of the hall lead to a quartet of rooms labeled ‘pumping’, ‘processing’, ‘waste’, and ‘cold storage’. You don’t know what any of that means, though if the bodies in the other room were real, those rooms give you a bad feeling.

Speaking of which, the door directly behind you that you ran out of– ‘production storage’– is shut tightly despite the fact that you’re sure you didn’t close it.

Where to go next…. That’s a hell of a question.