C: “Either something weird’s going on or we must have had one hell of a graduation party…”

Next you check yourself over.

Well, you’re mostly dressed at least, so that’s…. good.The pockets of your jeans are empty,and if you were wearing an actual shirt over your tank top it’s god knows where right now. The clammy chill permeates your upper body.

As you pat yourself down your “dog tag” ID jingles around your neck, a souvenir of your time in ROTC and reminder that your military career is about to start. Those are familiar, but the thick leather collar that is strapped around your neck is…. Not. Where the hell did it come from? Some kind of prank? You can’t immediately find a way to take it off.

You push your hair out of your face and realize with growing concern that it shouldn’t be in your face at all. Last you checked, you had a buzz cut.