>> Take inventory of yourself and your surroundings.

C: “…okay. Get a grip. You can figure this out, Cal.”

You look at your surroundings first.

The alley way that you’re in is dark, and the persistent and heavy mist hanging in the air obscures your vision. You can’t see how far the alley extends or what might be beyond its mouth.

A single bare and lonely bulb struggles to illuminate your immediate area, buzzing ominously.

There’s the rusty old farm cart that you woke up against, its belly filled with bulging, greasy sacks of something that smells unappetizing, to say the least. What the hell a piece of farm equipment is doing in a city alley you have no idea.

Beyond the cart, there’s a heavy, industrial door set into the back wall of the alley, and a barred window to the left with heavy, dark glass that gives no hint of what might be beyond it.On the right of the alley, there’s an old, incredibly rusted looking fire escape that goes further up the building and disappears into the mist.