>> Okay, don’t panic. Take inventory of what all is different in the room.

C: “This is crazy…this can’t be happening…Am I losing it?”

You try to clear your head, and take stock of everything that’s changed.

The first thing you notice is the fire burning in what had previously been a potted plant. It’s eerie flame casts a reddish glow, tinting the room in its flickering light. The room in general is dirtier and shabbier, the paint peeling and cracking, the carpet burned away to reveal bare and stained concrete. It’s covered here and there in rubble from places where the ceiling has started to fall in. The magazine table is covered in rubble too, its drawers ripped out and missing, the magazines strewn across the floor, pages torn and missing. The sofa is even more stained than before; ripped apart in places, with one of the cushions missing.

On the floor, in the middle of the room, there is something wrapped in a thick sheet– or maybe it’s the carpet. Whatever it is, its stained in blood, and it looks like inside it might be a body.

The grim painting is missing from the wall, and the spot where it had been hung has crumbled and broken away, revealing old, rusting pipes and darkness.

Half of the large desk in front of you seems to have been blown apart as well; debris from it is strewn over one side of the room. The Westchester Arms Corp. sign is rusted, blistered and blackened. The computer is overturned and the monitor looks like it had its internals ripped out.

At the back of the room the raised dais and box on top of it remain unchanged, as does the barred door to the exit of the factory. Part of the wall on the left of the dais has collapsed or been blown apart, and though the floor is littered with rubble, you might be able to get into the room next door through the hole there.

The door that you entered from appears to be unchanged, though it is markedly dirtier, and hanging slightly crooked in its hinge.