>> Go and steal his jacket. It looks like it has big pockets

C: “yeah, no…the guy’s gone cold. He’s gonna need all the warmth he can get.”

You have the sudden, intrusive realization that you could go and steal that dead man’s jacket. Granted, you already have a great, M-65 inspired camo jacket with great big pockets, and granted, you would have to go all the way back to the alley you started in and around the other side of the building to do so, and granted, stealing is wrong… But stealing that dead man’s blood soaked jacket is absolutely within your capabilities as a human being with free will to do.

You’re not going to though.

You should probably just go check out the lounge like you were going to. After all, your brother might still be here somewhere. If it weren’t for that thought you’d probably just head right for the exit anyway.