>> Check the newspaper for clues about what has been going on.

Hoping that it will help you get your bearings and figure out what’s been going on. The newspaper is from your hometown, which is comforting at least, but the date, and most of the articles have been blurred and destroyed by dampness and grime.

You flip through the wet paper, looking for any article that could be relevant, when something forces you to stop.

You see your name in the paper.

Newspaper: Callahan Westchester was sentenced today after pleading guilty to one count of involuntary (…)ter, an(…) firearm. Westchester had initially been charged with third-degree murder in the shooting (…) guilty(…)Westchester’s brother, Sullivan, age 24,(…) The incident which occured while the two were heavily intoxicated, was (…) result of a heated altercation between the parties. (…)Westchester’s clean record and attestation of character, the judge sentenced Westchester to three months in prison, to be followed by five years of probation and (…) community(…) lawyer for the Westchester family informed this publication that(…) comment’ on the sentencing.