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Nov 19th, 2020
>> An animal probably got in, happens a lot in places like this. Still..maybe check it out. C: Haha... don't like that!... what the hell even is it? Well… it is indeed some kind of animal…. Maybe…. You stride out the door to check it out- but duck back behind the edge of it once you see the thing scratching and sniffing down the hallway. Your light shines on some thing that’s vaguely shaped like a dog, but grotesque and twisted, hairiness and glistening as if slick with something; its head-- if that tumorous thing is its head-- bulges and throbs.  It must be some kind of mangy and diseased animal, that’s what your logic tells you, at least, but you stare in horror, unable to shake the feeling that you’re looking at some kind of monster. It trails blood as it moves, shuffling and licking at the floor. As your light lands on it, it stops, and orients toward you.